NIFS の皆さん



今週末5月20日 (土) のNIFS例会のご案内です.

==== コアタイムインフォメーション ==============================
・時間: 18:00 – 18:20
・担当者: 福島 

★ Section 1:音読 (18:00 – 18:20)


★ Section 2:ディスカッション (18:30 – 18:55)
Topic 1: 今週はいかがでしたか?
Topic 2: この夏に楽しみにしている予定はありますか?
Topic 3: 交通事故を減らすために, どのような運転をしていますか?

==== アドバンスタイム インフォメーション ====
・日時 :19:00 – 19:50
・担当者:堤  さん



1. 人生で最も大切にすべきこと
2. 人生で学んだこと(教訓)
3. これまでで最も嬉しかったこと
4. 定年後をどう生きるか?
5. 人間関係で傷ついたとき、どうすべきか?
6. もし生活に困らない十分なお金があれば、何をしたいか?
7. あなたができる社会貢献は何か?

8. NIFSを通して英語力をどのように向上させるか?
9. もし十分な英語力があれば、何をしたいか?
10. NIFSへの要望

==== Core Time Information ======================================
・Time: 18:00 – 18:20
・Person in charge: Fukushima

★ Section 1:Reading and speaking English (18:00 – 18:20)

Let’s enjoy listening, reading
and speaking English content with following the CD.
(The copy of English textbook will be given.)

★ Section 2:Discussion (18:30 – 18:55)
Topic 1: How have you been this week?
Topic 2: Do you have any plans to enjoy this summer?
Topic 3: Do you drive cars carefully to reduce the number of traffic accidents?

==== Advanced Time Information ====
・Date:19:00 – 19:50
・The person in charge:Mr. Tsutsumi

Your role is magazine writer.
Make a pair with neighbor, do an interview them.

・You ask something to your partner as a magazine writer.

・You ask something for writing articles in 1 or 2 pages by that theme.
・You can choose the theme from the presented 10 items freely.
・On the same theme, you ask more and more from various angles using 5W1H.
・The Answer should answer briefly according to the intention.
  You should not talk too much at once in order not to deprive the opportunity to ask you.
・Ask at least 3 questions. If you finish the interview, switch your roles.

・The person in the left column moves to forward when the bell rings.
・If you are on the head of the left column, move to the tail of the next column.


1. Most important thing in life
2. Things you learned in your life
3. The best thing you had been glad in your life
4. How to live after retirement ?
5. What should we do if we get hurt by human relationships?
6. What do you want to do if you have enough money to live?
7. What social contribution can you do?

8. How to improve your English skills through the regular meetings
9. What do you want to do if you have enough skill for English communication?
10. Request to NIFS

Best wishes,